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Confused about Cloud Computing?aa

Generally the rate is $2.40 per user per day. This provides you with a windows work environment similar to what most business use, email, word, excel etc, custom programs are also no problem.

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Support for Windows 7 is Ending

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We will provide a FREE onsite assessment of your computer network.

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Cloud Services

Cloud Services


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Virtual Desktop

This is your single user Windows 7 Professional cloud computer, it is pre-installed with Office , Anti-Virus and includes nightly backups.

Only $45

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My Cloud Desktop 1 Only 2 Core, 2Gb Ram (bursts to 4GB), 128Gb HDD, Pro7, Office, Anti-Virus

Cloud Pricing

Pick which system suits you or give us a call to discuss your requirements.
$2.40 per day per user... easy.

My Cloud 1 2-3 users 2 Core, 2Gb Ram, 80Gb HDD, Pro7, Office, CAMS
My Cloud 2 4-6 users 2 Core, 4Gb Ram, 160Gb HDD, Server 2008 R2, Office, CAMS
My Cloud 3 7-10 users 2 Core, 8Gb Ram, 400Gb HDD, Server 2008 R2, Office, CAMS
My Cloud 4 11-15 users 4 Core, 12Gb Ram, 600Gb HDD, Server 2008 R2, Office, CAMS
My Cloud 5 16-20 users 4 Core, 16Gb Ram, 1TB HDD, Server 2008 R2, Office, CAMS

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Most customers ask do I need it or is it fad?

7 commonly ask question about cloud services - Answered

Businesses around the world are moving toward the cloud. The estimated cloud market is projected to be $210 billion by 2016.
Are you asking when is the best time for your business to move into a cloud environment? And why?

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1. How much will it cost?

$2.40 per user per day

As there are so many variables in the billing of your Cloud… with most providers basing their prices on the answers below.

  • How long will the server be on for?
  • How many cores do you need?
  • Do you need 2 GB or 16GB?
  • Do you require snap shots?

CONFUSED? And what will you monthly bill look like?

We do make it as simple as possible by charging a fixed cost per month! Generally the rate is $2.40 per user per day. This provides you with a windows work environment similar to what most business use, email, word, excel etc, custom programs are also no problem.

2. Why?

  • Disaster Recovery –there are instances that can be catastrophic to your company; like, you are broken into and your computers are stolen, or an office fire destroys your offices or a disgruntled staff member decides to delete information.
  • Maybe your existing hardware needs upgrading.
  • You are just starting, the initial “hardware outlay is reduced (no server or expensive hardware required), apart from what your connecting with.
  • You or your staff need to improve productivity by being able to access your work computer/data from anywhere.
  • You need the ability to interconnect numerous sites i.e.; connect your Melbourne office to your Sydney office... to ensure everyone is working with the same data.
  • Let the experts at Ring It help!

3. What about security?
One of the most evident concerns surrounding cloud security is about whether data and sensitive company resources are ultimately safe.

  • How secure is your data now? Ring-It is ICTAA (Information Communication Technology Association Australia) approved. You can see why they abbreviate it.
  • We are independent and can handle companies large and small. We abide by the strictest ethical standards.
  • Do you trust your data with a local, sometimes unreliable and not tied to any ethical standards IT firm?
  • Or do you have someone from your “staff” who hopefully knows about computers?
  • No sales hype, only experts from Ring IT. Cloud providers.

4. Reliability of the Cloud Provider- is your provider reliable?

  • Our data centre is a 2.5 tier data centre (Tier 2.5: Guaranteeing 99.829% availability) the data centre is local (eight mile plains)
    ******* And we encourage clients to come and have a look. *******
  • Secondary-Site Replication & Standby- To increase the coverage or our Disaster Recovery strategy, we offer clients the option to include replication to our secondary Brisbane facility; located in Ann Street in the Brisbane CBD.

5. Lock-In
It's easy to see data going into the cloud, but it's a lot harder to move or get back it out.

  • We have no lock in contract, so you can stay for a month or as long as you like.
  • Keep in mind, our data center is easily accessible; it’s only a short drive away. (Eight Mile Plains)

6. Difficulty Assessing Myriad Cloud Offers

  • How many virtual machines do you need?
  • What windows licensing do you require?
  • How much inbound bandwidth do you need?
  • We operate a by a simple payment option $2.40 per day per user, we also assist with the initial setup, ensuring your data is ready for the cloud. Yes, it’s that easy and dependable!

7. Picking a credible provider
Who are we?

  • With over 35 years of combined experience in Information Technology and communications; our primary focus is on secure, reliable and accessible solutions for our clients.
  • Ring IT was formed to fulfill the need for real-time data management, security and Continuous Data Protection for information stored in both client premises and online.
  • Ring IT also provides end-to-end technology solutions, consultancy for System Administration, network management, information systems and customized solutions to suit your business needs.

Our team at Ring-IT prides itself on knowing our customers and their businesses so that if a problem arises we can handle it quickly... sometimes we can even solve the issue instantly using our remote system. Ring-IT! Quick and simple... we’re experienced, personable and cost effective. What more can we say? What more would you like to know? Oh and yes, we are located right here in Brisbane.

If you have questions, contact Olaf on 31036763