Cloud Services

At RingIT’s Cloud Services in Brisbane, we offer customised cloud solutions for your business. We aim to give your organization the flexibility, scalability, and security it needs to succeed in the digital world. Whether it’s moving to the cloud or managing it afterwards, we’re here to help you make the most of cloud technology.

What is Cloud Services?

Cloud services which is also known as cloud computing services, are a set of tools and apps you can use over the Internet. Instead of using your computer or servers, you can access remote servers online to store data and run programs. It’s like renting space and services on the Internet instead of buying and managing them yourself.

Managed cloud services offer several benefits for businesses.


Expertise and Support: Managed cloud service providers are experts who can create and manage cloud setups customized for your business. They’re like your cloud helpers, fixing problems and ensuring everything runs smoothly so you don’t have to worry.


Cost Savings: Managed cloud services work like subscriptions, so businesses don’t have to pay hefty amounts upfront. By getting help managing their cloud systems, companies save money on buying hardware, software, and maintenance.


Scalability: Providers give businesses plans that can change depending on how much they need. This means companies can handle growth or sudden increases without having too much extra stuff they don’t need.


Reliability and Redundancy: Managed cloud providers run extra data centres to ensure things keep working even if something goes wrong. It helps keep everything accessible and working well, even if there’s a problem like a breakdown or a disaster.


Security and Compliance: Strong security keeps your data safe from online dangers while following rules ensures everything stays legal and compliant with regulations.


Focus on Core Business: Having someone else handle cloud data lets your team concentrate on what they’re best at, like improving your business and coming up with new ideas.


24/7 Monitoring and Support: They always monitor things to fix problems quickly and ensure systems stay up and running.


Streamlined Management: Managing everything from one place makes handling more manageable and gives better control over your cloud stuff, making things work smoother and faster.

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What constitutes a Cloud Service?

A cloud service is a collection of different parts that offer computing resources and services over the Internet. Here’s what makes up a cloud service:

  1. Virtualization Technology. It lets multiple users share hardware safely by creating virtual versions of servers, storage, and networks.
  2. Networking Infrastructure: Cloud services use strong networks to link users to faraway data centres where their data and apps are kept.
  3. Storage Systems: Big storage systems keep data safe and easy to reach, usually with backup copies and duplicates.
  4. Data Centers: These are large buildings with servers, networks, and cooling systems that handle cloud services. Data Center Solutions provide dependable and safe hosting services, ensuring your essential apps and data are always available and performing well.
  5. Security Measures: Cloud services use encryption, access controls, and firewalls in protecting data from cyber threats.
  6. Management Tools: Providers offer tools to help users manage their cloud resources efficiently, with features like provisioning and monitoring.
  7. Service Models: Cloud services come in different types, like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, each offering various levels of management and abstraction.

Types of Cloud Services

Public Cloud

The public cloud provides services and infrastructure from third-party providers, like Gmail, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services. Many users share resources over the internet in this type of cloud. It’s great for businesses with specific Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Office 365 Backup. You only pay for what you use, and adjusting usage as needed is easy.

Private Cloud

A private cloud is run by one organization on its infrastructure, giving it maximum control and security. It’s ideal for organizations dealing with sensitive data, like medical offices or government agencies. However, setting up a private cloud can be expensive because you have to buy all the equipment.

Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud mixes private and public cloud services, using multiple providers for efficiency. It blends the convenience and scalability of the public cloud with the security of a private one. For instance, Hybrid IT Solutions cloud service might set up a private cloud for sensitive data and use public cloud services like Office 365 for other needs.

Managed Backup

RingIT also provides Managed Backup solutions in addition to cloud services Brisbane. This means securely backing data from workstations and servers to remote cloud storage locations.

RingIT Managed Backup service provides:

  • Proactive Business IT Support.
  • Saving costs through outsourcing.
  • Increasing efficiency in IT operations.
  • Offering robust cybersecurity measures.

It ensures compliance adherence, scalability for growth, 24/7 support availability, and flexible, customized solutions. These benefits improve IT performance, reduce costs, and mitigate cybersecurity risks, contributing to overall business success.

Offsite Workstation Managed Backups

  • Offsite workstation-managed backup means backing data from individual workstations or desktops to remote storage locations. This protects data stored on user devices like laptops or desktops, ensuring it can be recovered in case of data loss or device failure.
  • This backup solution mainly protects user-generated data, documents, files, and personal settings stored on workstations.
  • Offsite workstation-managed backup solutions aim to protect data for individual users and remote workers, ensuring their data is safe even when not connected to the company network.

Server Managed Backups

  • Server-managed backup focuses on backing up essential data from servers to remote storage locations. It includes critical information, applications, databases, and system configurations stored on servers within a company’s IT infrastructure.
  • Server-managed backup solutions are crucial for safeguarding vital business data and maintaining functional flow in the event of server failures, data corruption, or disasters.
  • These backup solutions usually protect data stored on servers in on-site data centres, cloud setups, or hybrid IT systems.

Cloud services Brisbane allow you to access tools and resources online rather than from your computer. Our managed backup solutions ensure your data stays secure and can be recovered if needed. Offsite workstation backup protects individual user data, while server backup safeguards critical business information.