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Confused about Cloud Computing?aa

Generally the rate is $2.40 per user per day. This provides you with a windows work environment similar to what most business use, email, word, excel etc, custom programs are also no problem.

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Support for Windows 7 is Ending

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We will provide a FREE onsite assessment of your computer network.

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Email Marketing

Below are some of the ways that a well-executed email newsletter can benefit your business

The Benefits of Sending Email Newsletters to your clients I know. You’re already swamped with things to do and the last thing you need is something else to add to your plate. But if done well, an email newsletter can be a huge asset to your ability to stay in the touch with potential and existing clients


Now let’s get into the fun stuff – the benefits your business can gain from setting up an email newsletter.

Maintain Relationships

Maintaining relationships is understandably a priority for most businesses. You don’t want to be the kind of organization that only reaches out to potential and existing clients, when your wanting to sell something. Email newsletters can be an effective way to maintain relationships by providing industry news, business milestones and accreditations.

But the key here is to provide an email newsletter that is valuable to your recipients. In order to maintain any relationship it must be mutually beneficial. If you’re only reaching out in times sell, sell, sell or sharing info your recipients don’t care about, you’ll likely end up in the “Trash” folder.

Distribute Informative Content

Chances are you know a whole lot about the community your Business serves. You may even already be creating a bunch of useful content for your blog or for various publications. Maybe you’ve written some white papers that are available on your website. Or perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea of writing but haven’t done so yet.

Regardless, your email newsletter can be a great way to educate those interested in your products or service/s, thus equipping them with knowledge to be a more informed potential and existing clients of your Business. Even if they don’t use your service or purchase your product from your organization, they’ll hopefully become a more engaged or aware of the type of work your Business is doing.

Promote Upcoming Products or Events

For those that indicated they’re interested in hearing from your Business about products or events, email newsletters can be a great way to spread the word about what’s coming up. Many potential/ clients likely won’t regularly visit your website to see what’s on the special or your calendar. But if you send it directly to their inbox, there’s a better chance they’ll know of a product specials or events and hopefully be able to get involved or purchase.


Most important .. no point doing it if you can’t track it. You can see who received your eNews, who opened it , who clicked it and more.

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